The chakra in Sierpc is located in the primeval valley of a large prehistoric river. Tens of thousands of years ago, part of this ancient watercourse descended underground and from then flows 70 meters under its old channel.

The largest concentration of the positive energy of the Augustic chakra is recorded at 52 ° 51'11 "N longitude and 19 ° 40'05" E latitude. It is a place of special concentration of terrestrial and cosmic energy streams. The body returns to health more quickly, and the mind makes contact with the higher dimension of reality more easily.

The chakra in Sierpc is probably the most important part of the energy system of our planet thanks to its power.

Chakras on earth

There are very few chakras on earth. They are connected by specific power lines that integrate the energy of the earth with the energy of the cosmos. People have sensed their power from prehistoric times, surrounded them with worship and used them for therapeutic purposes.

Chakras are scattered throughout the world - from America through Europe and Asia. There are at least several on each continent. Some concentrate less other more energy. The chakra in Sierpc is one of the strongest. The radiation of the earth's energy is much stronger here than the radiation in Machu Picchu or the Great Pyramid of Cheops and reaches up to 180000 Bovis units.

How to use energy power spots?

Wikipedia advises: "One should first of all open to it." It is important to have an inner attitude and willingness to surrender to the energy of the cosmos, you can sit on the ground or lean against a stone in the middle of the circle. Deep and calm breaths are conducive to silence.

Similarly, as when the place of power is the church, we try to take a place in the pew as close as possible to the altar and we give ourselves to prayer, meditation, joy. "


The chakra in Sierpc is located on private land. Staying without permission is forbidden.

Sightseeing and "chakra power uptake" is possible only by phone or email appointment. If you are interested, please contact us via the contact form or call 507 014 643.

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The chakra in Sierpc

The chakra in Sierpc is located on private land.

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